Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ctalk is here to revive the popularity of the usage of Walkie Talkie through it’s intuitive forms and functions.
By providing FREE 2 way communication, CTalk aims to be the cool gadget to suit your active lifestyle.

Ctalk is creating a niche for it’s one-of-a-kind walkie talkie.
Designed for the adventurous young adult market who demands more than a gadget, but an icon to complement their image.

This new revolutionized Walkie Talkie is high on ergonomics and durability!

CTalk aims to dominant the urbanized area with it’s simplistic curves and varied changeable bezel colors.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Liopetra Rocking Chair is inspired by corals in terms of its aesthetics and forms.
It’s name is derived from Lio+Petra ,

which means corals (Heliopora coerules) in its scientific terms and also Petra (Rocking in Greek).
Focussing high on ergonomics, Liopetra chair is designed with comfort in mind and makes a perfect complement piece to you living room or bedroom.

Amazingly versatile and customizable for your interior needs

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kankaru Lamp (Preliminary Stage)

Kankaru Lamp

Kankaru (Jap. lang.) ;- sense; feel.

The kankaru lamp will sense the surrounding ambient and switches on when the environment is dark enough.

The aesthetic is semi-flexible and can bend according to user requirements.

*credits ; Lam on the electronic built!

Improved design coming up soon! Do drop a comment or two on what you think! cheerios!

Also if you are kind enough, do take this survey below!:D

Saturday, July 18, 2009


"A successful life conjures the balance between love and hate. When the former overwhelms, you are successful"- flo3tic .

Many times we try to find a balance in life, 
Between work and play,
Between words and actions,
Between food and exercise,
Balance between earning and spending,
Between love and hate,
But how much is enough and how much is balanced?

Another chapter of my life has unfold..
In the quest of searching the right balance of fulfilling passion and needs,
Many times, we find ourselves consumed by things we thought are meaningful,
But yet the meaning has been clouded by perceptions we perceived as important to us,
And so, I have embarked on a new journey, after years of searching,
I have found an answer..
Passion is inside us...not valued by how much we earn, not valued by how much recognition we gained..
Passion is me..

One thing for sure is..this blog is going to be re-activated :)
Welcome back y'all!
We'll be in for a rocking ride!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

if i have all the money in the world!

if i have all the money in the world,
the first thing i would do is to do nothing,
i would mould the best millefiore cane , again and again, to form the perfect symmetric patterns,
then i would buy you a PSP , which you have wanted for so long,
i would sit in front of my macbook and draft that perfect letter,
instead of this poem of "what ifs",
and then present it to you for all you care, i have nothing to lose,
if i have all the money in the world,
i would build them a castle, and which the grumbles will end, and his sufferings will end,
then i would buy us a one way ticket to the other side of the world,
we shall attend daily art exhibitions, and be inspired everyday,
i will then detour to germany and visit my best friend whom i might have forgotten her face,
her smiles , her laughters, and play childhood games,
second stop is australia with the perfect couple, see kangaroos and not to forget to taste space cake,
back in amsterdam,
we shall fly to paris and hand in hand we take a perfect picture with the eiffel tower,
but with all the traveling, i still miss Penang,
so let's fly back to the Orient, and take all my time in the world to do nothing again,
i will paint the perfect still life, of the heritage Penang once again,
and watch you create another history with a legendary toy,
we shall hold our monthly exhibitions, and build our dreams,
hand in hand, if only i have all the money in the world,
we shall be the wanderer, artist of the world,
you can win all my angpow money for all i care,
as i have all the money in the world to do all i want!!

GONGXI FATT CHAI everyone !*)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Without new experiences, something inside us sleeps.
The sleeper must awaken."- Frank Herbert

Monday, December 22, 2008

Randoms of 2008

Been long long time since my last blog :)
Guess when life starts to ride fast, you can't possibly document em all down! :(
Well, to wrap 2008, guess it's only appropriate to blog some significant events in these past few months ...

My new found "Official fav drink - woot! Redbull Vodka! go go try it ! damn nice la wei!!
25 is such a big number.. mixed feelings and time to realize one BIG resolution which i made loooonggg time ago.. ya u know what i mean :P
Another significant milestone, is one of my very close friend is getting married!! huhu.. Yes ya'll! Big big congrates to JoAnn with the BIG A :) 
Hope you have a wonderful wonderful many happy years ahead with you husband :) Well the wedding's on Jan 11 09 . Its gonna be a blast!! 
Made a business trip to China again ! woot! work + fun is awesome!
Shopping in china is so euphoric! tee hee!

Oh ya, also to officially announce that I'm an official partner of Doublewoot! tee hee! As  graphics/web designer and fashion freak !
*click click*

So so many plans for 2009, inspite of the economic downturn, life goes on yea :) 
Im planning on big big plans, which is good sometimes when the new year comes, there's always space for new hopes :) and down goes the bad bad events ! touch wood!!
love and peace all!!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Introducing. Boxie. The Keychain @ LPSM

It's official. Introducing Boxie, the brainchild of Urban-Cr3atures . First, it was the paper toy. Now comes the Key Chain.

So cute you just wanna eat them alive!
As cute as the couple *grins*
Only 8 available. 2 sold at the Little Penang Street Market . 
RM20 each. Mail us at for more details. 

The Day .

Rumours were circulating like crazy , sms'es saying  the inevitable, soon, petrol stations were empty, anticipating that the day that petrol prices were speculated to go down. 

It was. Saturday. August 23rd. 2008. Morning. 9am.

No, the day petrol prices went down 15 cents weren't one of the milestone of my life. 
This is the day I was tempted to taste the artificial world. 
I failed. Kicked out the first round. Heh. Must be my loud voice.
Yea, the SECOND kicked out of my life, after medicine. 

The SIA kicked out. WOOT! Life is wonderful! :) 

Monday, September 01, 2008

Little Miss Sunshine :)

I cried, I laughed, I cried till i laughed, I laughed till tears rolled down my eyes. 
Amazingly, I watched this movie 2 times, in a day. This is Little Miss Sunshine, my friend.
This movie is so amazingly wonderful that i just has to persuade somebody to watch it. 
A movie so simple, no exciting plot, no expensive budget, this is all it takes to bring our feet back on the grounds. 
It's a story about an exaggerated dysfunctional family (which i feel portrays how all family is not perfect) who in spite of all disagreements from the point of arguing over financial matters during the times of bankruptcy , to the coke snorting grandpa who teaches the grandson to F*** as many girls as he wants, still will come together and rise against all quirky series of events.

It also teaches us to break free from the artificiality of the world and accept all flaws in every wonderful person and that there are more to life than Beauty pageants..:)
Most importantly, it will make u cry, and make u laugh at the same time, which will crosses out that one thing to do in your "Bucket List"- another movie ,which i shall blog about too soon..*grins* till then.. have a great week ahead my friend.